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7:12 p.m. - 2005-09-26
econ boredom babble
Baaaaasically i was bored to death in econ and starting writing randomly on myself. My I want and I believes. I figure I should share them or they'd be worthless.

I want people to think I'm superhuman. I want to disprove all the stereotypes and be everything that people expect that I can't do.

I want people to expect anything from me and never quite understand. I don't want to be definable. And if I gain a definition I want it to be unique and unlike anyone else.

I want to be remembered. I want to stand out in a way thats respectable to everyone. I want to be undoubtable, trusted, and above expectations.

I want to understand smaller aspects in the world to piece together a more stable large picture and I want to be able to percieve many different views and stand points. I want to stay open minded with life. Since there's no one in it that knows the real definate answers I don't think any ideas should be conformed to.

Initial assumptions of me are always too low, but I hate when people make exceptions for me. I'd never think of myself as any better than anyone else so I hate when people think that they are. Especially when they can't back it up.

I want to teach people things they don't know and help them experience new adventures in life that they haven't yet had. I want to bring out new sides of people. I want to find a relative inner similarity thats at the base of every persons thought. I want to take time to understand the individual as well as inspire them in some way.

If I can help people, then when i die my life will have had a purpose beyond my own mental process. I will have interviened in the thoughts of others and changed their way of thinking.

I want to be modest and always be realistic. I want to admire people's qualities and skills while never putting someone on a pedistool. I want to excel but still never put myself higher. I want to prove myself accomplished not have to tell people that i am.

You can only fail if you make a bragging claim that you can't fulfill. Once you think winning is a sure thing you are sure to lose.

I want to become the things I admire in others but never surpass my idols as competition. If I happen to then I owe them more because those people brought out a greatness in me.

I don't believe in conning people who have been generous to me. I believe in paying back people who have paid for something of mine and paying those who don't expect something back even more.

I'd rather put myself in a tight spot th get someone else out. I beleive that I can handle it as long as i know i'm helping them.

When you die you leave with what you did for others. No matter how much you have for yourself none of it will stay with you. It will be lost and no longer yours. It will be left for the world, so why hoard it as you live?


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