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2:11 p.m. - 2002-07-30
Okay! I admit it! I really like farms and country music! I like being in the woods or on the beach by myself to think. I wish on the stars and dandelions. The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie. I like cats over dogs. I'm quiet and shy if I'm not that close to people, but once I'm comfortable I'm loud.Even though I don't always show it I believe in good relationships and am a hopeless romantic. I like reading books and if I could I'd sit at a bookstore all day and read. I want to be an English teacher. I like whispering and cuddling. Snow and cocoa go together perfectly. I like sitting under the stars. If someone else is sad I want to cry if they are happy I'm ecstatic. When I go to college I want to do all my studying in a little coffee shop.

I think just about everything is funny. I hate math and love painting. I cry when teachers yell at me. I can't take when people hate me. Sappy and horror movies are great. Even though everyone thinks I'm a math genius I like creative better. Ghosts are real! Dying scares me and I don't understand why we are here to begin with. I wish I could find true love. The blue ninja turtle was and always will be my hero. I don't ever feel cold. Sensitivity isn't bad. I like people I can really talk to. If I cant trust you I'm not gonna bother. I deny that I'm sad. Candy, sugar, vanilla coke,chicken and pizza are the best things ever. I wish I could fly. Punk rock is amazing.

I believe in fate. Computers and setting things up ISN'T difficult! Someday I'll have a snowball fight. . Little kids are cool ,but i never know how to act around them so they scare me. I think I have arthritis in my toes. I don't care if my socks don't match. Autumn leaves are the best smell. Yes I talk to myself. I love pink roses. I have a secret place in a field where i go on walks to think. I want to live in a haunted house.I'm a dreamer and my imagination is endless. I was a loser and had no friends all of grade school. I don't care that I'm short anymore.I love van gogh paintings and someday i'll venture there to see if its really like that. I'm not afraid to be myself. The one thing that I can't take is knowing things ahead of time because I get scared.

Jellyfish scare me, so do shock pens, bees and algae. I slept with a pillow over my face. I wish I was as graceful as an angel but I'm far from it. My hands are my favorite thing about myself. I've lived in State College all my life. I was the strangest child you will ever see. I've grown a dangerous obsession for Pontiacs. I don't depend on other people for anything, I'm stubborn. I don't really Like cake, I just say I do.I don't like when people fake around me although I do it myself. Pictures make me feel safe, so do people holding me. I like when people play with my hair.

When I was 3 I wanted to be an orphan. I thought I was a different Disney character everyday. I had a crush on darkwing duck, baloo and leonardo. Very sentimental. I ran away a lot. Sometimes I like embarrassing myself. Its a rush being nervous. I wish I didn't act snobby by ignoring people even though I'm really just scared of talking to them. I do care what others say about me, though I try no to let it show. I try to be a good person. I just want to be loved. Tape-recorders, cameras and writing are all cool. I love doing stupid crazy stuff with my friends. Ploping in the snow when you look like an Eskimo is cute. There are a lot of people I wish I could get to know.

Schools not really that bad. I can't sleep in past 9:30 usually. My feet are always cold, my hands are never. Someday I will live by a stream. Green is my favorite color. My cat is my best friend. I have better memory than anyone I've ever met. I can find or figure out anything, thats what I think at least. New years parties screw me over and I hate when people lead me on. I'm afraid I'll grow up and have no friends. The day-o song actually does have significance to me. Parties are cool. So are movies. So is time to yourself. I would love to be able live at Disney and be happy all the time. I love buying things for other people and if I go somewhere and spend more than $3 on myself I feel really guilty. My one main goal in life is to shave my head before I die. I'm just a person, no more no less. Old houses intrigue me. The one thing I've wanted my whole life and have never gotten is a locket. Snowboarding, skiing and swimming are cool. I live for long jump. As a kid all i ever did was run.

I'm incredibly superstitious tho I'll never show it. I wish I knew where we go when we die. Cloudy weather is better than sunny. I sleep with me door shut. My birthday is Dec 27, 1986. I hate negative people.Christmas music, lights and trees are magical. I love surprises. Spontaneous is good. I wish once in my life I would have a secret admirer or a bf on Valentines day. Watch message in a bottle sometime. I hate when ppl think they are for some reason above everyone else. i was a dinosaur freak as a kid. Homework stresses me out. Cookies are fun to bake. Periods suck. Songs remind me of people. I wish someone would throw rocks at my window like on TV. I like wearing other people(guys) clothes, it makes me feel special.

Cassiopeia is the best constellation. For the longest time I wanted to be an FBI agent. I never liked baby dolls. I'd love to live in a little town and be a hillbilly hick if no one cared and judged me for it. Friends are more important than anything else to me. I had a troll collection. I've never been in love. Pens are better than pencils. I get really jealous sometimes. Northern lights are pretty. My middle name is Colette. I think mixed cds say a lot about how a person really is.

No gift is ever to small for me. You could give me a paper saying 'hi Jessie from x' and I would treasure it forever. Heck you could give me a dandelion or a paper clip and I'd be happy. I love presents. One on one time in person with people is when you really get to know them. I'm getting good at making up stories. I've learned experience doesn't always make you wise, sometimes it makes you stupid. I like writing. I live for Thanksgiving turkey. I don't like blowing my nose in front of people. My # is 234-5115. I really don't like hamburgers or hot dogs. I believe in love at first sight. Ice skating is pretty. I'm willing to try anything once.

I don't like superficial people. Vodka is disgusting. I still order kids meals on occasion. Pizza Hut has the best food in the world or the ski lodges cardboard nachos. I want to move to Mississippi, or Alabama, or Louisiana and have a cool accent. I wish it would snow and I'd get stuck in school overnight, as long as they cancelled classes. I hate no one, seriously I think I love everyone. Yellow cars, esp roadsters rock. Traditions everything. You can never have too many friends cuz you never know who you may meet. Sometimes life surprises you. If someone wants the same thing as me, I'll encourage them to go for it and let myself suffer.I believe that first impressions are temporary, first words said mold, but its the last words said that stick. More than anything I need to feel safe and content, hyper is great but not if that's the extent. Time is precious, no one has forever. My back pops when I step with my left foot although only 3 people have ever noticed it before.

If you call my cell at two in the morning I'm going to be very happy that someone cares that much but I will also be very delirious. Whenever i'm stressed I order a pizza and everything becomes good again. My parents scare most the people that I know but they're really not that bad, just protective. i can read people and I've never been wrong, I love being in fights. i cant stand people who think they're better than you. I've learned that sometimes you learn a lot more about yourself through others than you ever could on your own.


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